Workshops and Services

I am currently running "How to be an Advocate" workshops for nonprofit professionals, graduate students, and the general public. Workshop sessions include "How to Run for Office," "How to Find Your Voice," "How to Build a Grassroots Coalition," and "How to Use Social Media to Advocate." The Advocacy Academy@Teachers College encapsulates all of this work.

My recent workshops were with the Scholars Strategy Network and with Idealist.

Workshop participants will learn not only about the theory and research behind advocacy, but also will leave having new tools and abilities to reach out to policymakers. I am a believer in the "learning by doing" model and learning with your peers.
Government Relations Services
I specialize in government relations, working with nonprofit organizations to cultivate relationships with elected officials, perform legislative, regulatory, and budgetary research and analysis, as well as grassroots coalition building.

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